Canggu Shortcut Renovation

Canggu Shortcut Renovation

The Canggu Shortcut is a road built by two villages, Desa Canggu and Desa Tibubeneng to provide two way access to the temple they share on Jalan Nelayan. This valuable Balinese initiative has provided a much needed bypass to help Balinese and non-Balinese residents avoid heavy traffic on Jl. Raya Canggu. Due to the popularity of this much needed detour, it has fallen into disrepair. 

Given that non-Balinese members of the community are both contributors to the problem, and beneficiaries of the solution, in 2021, 80+ Bali community members joined forces to turn a dysfunctional Shortcut road of Canggu, into a shining example of community support and direct action!

Be an Active Member of the Canggu Community. Let’s fix our Shortcut!

Live Contributions Counter (latest Update Dec 31st, 12:35 pm) Crowdfunding campaign is closed!


Note, please, we are counting funds coming from 2 crowdfunding campaigns (Mayar and KitaBisa) direct bank transfers,
proceeds from the Shortcut Fest at La Brisa  (after 12,5% tax was paid Shortcut Fest proceeds are IDR 93,419,426).
So far IDR8,500,000 was spent on the soil test end of September – beginning of October 2021.
30% of the payment was done for the Asphalt IDR142,575,475 on Dec 10th, 2021.
Crowdfunding campaign is closed on December, 31st 2021, 5pm.
Please, follow us on Instagram @fixtheshortcut to get updates on how the funds are spent. 
Thank you so much for your support! 

Everyone hates Canggu Shortcut

The (in)famous Canggu Shortcut is a 800 m route linking 2 busy neighbourhoods of Canggu: Batu Bolong and Berawa; and allowing hundreds of daily commuters to avoid a big detour around Canggu through massive traffic jams on the main road Jl. Raya Canggu.

For a booming town like Canggu, this Shortcut remains a dark point – it’s defective. 
At best, an uncomfortable ride.
At worst, a dangerous route with drivers falling in the rice paddies and getting injured.

It's time to fix the Shortcut for good!

The Canggu Shortcut starts on the turn next to the temple on Jl. Nelayan (Batu Bolong Beach Area) along the unnamed road and Jl. Anggrek until Jl. Raya Semat 1. 

The Shortcut route goes through private-owned rice fields with unstable terrain. It was built without consideration of the quality of the soil and basic construction requirements. The low quality of the road surface makes driving difficult or next to impossible for both cars and motorbikes. Every month at least 5-8 intrepid travellers fall into the rice fields due to shifting paving blocks and unforgiving potholes.

Multiple ad hoc renovations have been organised by different individuals and businesses in the past 5 years, however, the road desperately needs a more permanent solution for community members using this handy shortcut from Canggu to Tibubeneng.

Starting from July 2021 the Bali Community joined forces with businesses, Canggu administration, private owners, local and international experts to renovate the Shortcut road. The end of construction and reopening is planned for December 2021.

Shortcut Project in Numbers

IDR 900,627,000
Campaign Goal

The UPDATED Budget of IDR 900,627,000 is based on ratified quotes provided by the Ministry of Public Works and Housing of Indonesia and potential suppliers for security and lighting infrastructure. According to the latest meeting between the Shortcut Renovation Campaign volunteers, the Ministry and the head of Canggu Village, the government will provide the workforce and the equipment, and the community will only pay for the materials. [UPDATED on November 9th]

Shortcut Length

From Jl. Nelayan (Canggu) to Jl. Raya Semat (Berawa)

2 Months
Project Timeline

The renovation works will start on Sunday, November 14th. Reopening of the Shortcut is planned for last week of December 2021.
The Shortcut will be accessible for motorbikes only. Cars must use the alternative route - Jl. Raya Canggu until the reopening of the Shortcut before December 25th, 2021. [UPDATED on November 9th]


The Shortcut Renovation project is a community-led initiative, a participative action where everyone gets to contribute to building a long-lasting, safe and comfortable Shortcut we all can be proud of, including you.

LAtest update

✓ The community raised around IDR 780,350,000 by December 24th, 2021.

✓ An independent soil test was done on September 24 to check the quality of the soil.

✓ The first part of the tender was organised and a potential contractor was chosen in the beginning of November 2021.

In the meeting on November 6, between the volunteers of the Shortcut Renovation Campaign, and the representatives of PUPR (The Ministry of Public Works and Housing of Indonesia), including the Head of PUPR Ir. Ida Bagus Surya Suamba, ST, MT, IPM and Pak Nengah Lana, Chief of Сanggu Village, it became clear that the government now supports the Shortcut Initiative.

The government representatives confirmed that all of the renovation works would be organised by the government, including the workforce, machinery and tools. Whatever the community collects, these funds will be spent on materials to repair/improve the Shortcut. The outstanding amount for the works and materials (for the road) would be paid by the government in 2022.

Timeline and method:
The renovation works start on Sunday, November 14th and is scheduled to finish before Christmas, December 25th, 2021. Works will be done during the day. The Shortcut will be open for motorbikes, but cars are not allowed during the renovation period. There will be 2-4 days when no vehicles will be allowed to enter the Shortcut for asphalt works. The materials used for the renovation are limestone, concrete and hot-mix (asphalt).

The East Wall of section C of the Shortcut (from Pretty Poison to Canggu Pole) will be reinforced with metal mesh and concrete.

The Shortcut width will remain the same, and only 10 cm will be added.

All the funds collected during the campaign will be spent on materials. The full report of the use of funds with the bank statements of the transfers will be provided to the community regularly once the payments start taking place.

✓ First payment for the asphalt was done in the beginning of December – IDR 142575475. Final payments will be done in the beginning of January 2022. 

Building the legacy

Finally, the Canggu Community will build a hallmark project to be proud of!

rewards for Backers




✓ Invitation to Shortcut Opening Ribbon Cutting Party

✓ “I fixed the Canggu Shortcut” Bracelet. 




✓ Invitation to Shortcut Opening Ribbon Cutting Party

✓ “I fixed the Canggu Shortcut” Bracelet.

✓”I fixed the Shortcut” T-Shirt (Limited to 500 pieces)




✓ Invitation to Shortcut Opening Ribbon Cutting Party

✓ “I fixed the Canggu Shortcut” Bracelet.

✓ “I fixed the Shortcut” T-Shirt (Limited to 500 pieces)

✓ Shortcut of Fame Plaque (Limited to 20 spots)


Meet our experts who are volunteering to help drive this initiative

Adrian Keet

Impact Entrepreneur

Michael Healy

Co-founder of Unit

Barry Drews

Barry Drews

Founder of Where NeXt

Ichi Yamada

Founder of Tropical Nomad

Dinara Tagirova

Founder of WhySoDigital

Pauly Long

Marketing & PR

Fyodor Plastinin

Civil Engineer

Tristan Dupre

Co-founder of House Renting

Main Partners

This project wouldn’t be possible without


Frequently Asked Questions

All the funds raised for the Shortcut Renovation are going to a separate bank account created for this campaign. All the community members, supporting the project can have access to the report of all transactions related to this account if they wish to do so. All the information related to the progress of the campaign will be published on our social media channels. 

The initiative is approved by the land owners, as well as the heads of both villages: Desa Canggu and Desa Tibubeneng.

It became apparent that most of the Shortcut road belongs to the government, but due to COVID19, all the funds for infrastructure were repurposed and spent on healthcare and essential supplies. At the moment the local government doesn’t have funds to fix the Shortcut, this is why the community decided to step in and help fund the renovation before the tourism comes back. 

A tender was organised by the advisors team on September 17th. Out of 4 potential contractors, Bali-based construction companies, 2 companies were chosen to compete in the second round of the tender, they suggested similar quotes. 

In a recent meeting between the volunteers of the Shortcut Renovation Campaign, the representatives of PUPR (The Ministry of Public Works and Housing of Indonesia), including the Head of PUPR Ir. Ida Bagus Surya Suamba, ST, MT, IPM and Pak Nengah Lana, Chief of Сanggu Village, it was confirmed that the government now supports the Shortcut Renovation Initiative.

Based on the documentation and results of the soil test provided by the community, the current estimation of the funds needed to fix the road as per PUPR representatives is IDR1,313,254,000 out of which materials will cost around IDR656,627,000

The total updated budget for the Shortcut renovation and improvement is now approximately IDR1,532,254,000, including lighting poles, solar panels and security infrastructure.

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